The Naturalmat Story

Every great idea starts with a moment of inspiration. Ours, rather unusually, came on the high seas, some twenty years ago. Both keen sailors, we struggled to understand why mattresses on boats were so uncomfortable. So, on the banks of the River Exe, we began hand-making natural fibre mattresses that breathed, were fabulously comfortable, and fitted neatly into a boat’s awkward spaces.


Today, Naturalmat operates in the marine, nursery, adult and hotel mattress and bedding markets, but the founding principles of the firm have stayed the same : making premium handmade beds and mattresses using natural and organic materials from sustainable sources.


Our Team

At Naturalmat, we believe that people, not machines, make a superior, long-lasting product. Our team of craftspeople ensure every stitch, every fibre, every tufting button and every cover is painstakingly created, teased and checked. When a mattress leaves our factory, we are confident it will deliver years of comfortable, healthy and relaxing sleep.


The Naturalmat Founders


Mark Tremlett

Mark Tremlett, co-founder and Business Director, oversees strategy development and business growth at Naturalmat. With a background in marketing within the confectionery industry, Mark’s focus is on developing customer products and services as well as taking Naturalmat’s unique offering, to new market sectors.


Peter Tindall

Peter is the Operations Director and co-founder of Naturalmat. A natural project manager and facilitator, Peter’s day to day is spent overseeing the operational efficiency and output of the business by combining the finest natural resources with Naturalmat’s hand-made production processes.