The airflow range is perfect for crew accommodation. The natural materials used ensure durability, comfort and breathability. They can be cut to fit any size and shape and come in a variety of thicknesses. The perfect solution for berths with limited headroom and space.


Natural Fibre

Using the brilliant spring and breathability of rubberised coir fibre combined with the orthopaedic support and comfort of natural latex foam, we have used natural fibre technology to create the ultimate marine mattress. Very popular with pullman and crew berths where there is limited headroom. Can be cut to fit almost any size or shape.


The Airflow Medium

Organic Coir is used for the base of the mattress followed by a layer of organic latex and finished with a topping of recycled denim to give the m attres a medium tension feel. The airflow standard can be produced to be 100mm, 120mm or 150mm thick depending on the headroom and size of the berth.
  • Natural Fibre
  • Organic Coir
  • Organic Lambswool.
  • Recycled Denim

From £380/M²

The Airflow Firm

A layer of organic coir gives a firm, springy centre, while natural latex and two layers of organic wool create the perfect blend of resilience and comfort. Suited to those who prefer a more supportive and  firm mattress. Available in 120mm or 150mm thickness.
  • Natural Fibre
  • Organic coir
  • Natural latex
  • Organic lambswool

From £360/M²